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January 18, 2013

Last week during the Palm Springs Film Festival, I was very lucky to attend the screening of the film I DO

I Do Film Festival Movie

I would rank this film as one of the best I have ever seen at a film festival.

I DO shares the story of a (gay) European expat who is suddenly faced with deportation; loosing his family and life.

In order to stay he proposes marriage to his lesbian best friend. The story later takes a unexpectedly turn when he falls in love with a man and is forced to face DOMA; a law that keeps gay marriage from being recognized federally for immigration and citizenship issues. As a same sex couple, their marrige would not be honoured and he would once again face an unjust deportation.

Watch the Trailer

I was shocked and delighted to see a gay interest movie being show during PSIFF; typically, movies falling under this umbrella would be saved for a queer film festival. Although I do think the programming choice of ‘I DO’ leant itself well to the city’s demographic, as openminded-ness is continually displayed by the welcoming residents of Palm Springs!

The film was shot over 18 days with a very small budget and a lack of permits in NYC, whilst police were occupied with the ‘occupy’ movement, proving that heart and passion from a cast and crew can make a unforgettable film that hasn’t been shot by a Hollywood studio.

The film took me on an roller coaster of emotions; happiness, sadness, humour, anxiety, anger and despair.

The journey of love and family loyalty blocked by inequality.

The lead character Jack Edwards, played by David W. Ross, gives an Oscar worthy performance… As does co-star Jamie-Lynn Sigler who, in my mind, plays her best role to date.

I had the chance to meet some of the cast and crew, who were all equally as passionate about the message the movie tells.

David W Ross and Mr. Fab I DO the Movie

This film is more than a lesson in right or wrong, it’s a life story that anyone who has ever fallen in love or experienced the loss of family can relate to.

I urge all film festivals to pick up this film, I’m certain it will soon be heavily awarded!

Thanks for making more than just a film!

Mr. Fab DO

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We’re thrilled that you responded to the film and shared your wonderful review – Glenn Gaylord, Director of I DO

  2. I would like to see this film in Germany, but perhaps this is not possible. My Partner and I will travel to the States in June and hope to watch it there. Thank you for addressing this issue in an Artistic Form. —- American Living Abroad

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