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What to Wear Wednesday (Sydney Evan)

January 16, 2013

When it comes to jewelry and fashion, mainly I like mine big and over-the-top like Bjork… But there are some occasions when small and delicate catch my eye.

And such is the case with ‘The Words’ collection by Sydney Evan.


In 2001 Roseanne Karmes launched a brand of luxury jewelry under the name Sydney Evan and began to delicately craft a line of jewelry which has now been worn by many young Hollywood celebrities.

This .5 inch rose gold and pave diamond “love” ring is so tiny and simple that it almost gets lost in the 4 sprouts of hair on my manly knuckle.


So for me, at $860, I might be better off to just wrap a couple hundred dollar bills around my finger, save some cash and leave this beautifully delicate line for the hairless ladies.

Mr. Fab ig hands

Looking forward to reading your comments!