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Highway to Hell

January 9, 2013

As 2013 kicks off, the slower start has allowed me time to travel and catch up with friends.

This week a trip back to Saskatchewan had me travelling to the city of Moose Jaw with my BFF Sacha.

Moose Jaw City Centre Christmas

Growing up in the prairies I have become accustomed to poor winter road conditions and will always drive accordingly.

With our day trip to Moose Jaw complete we hit Highway 1 back to Regina.

Drifting snow and slippery roads had us on a safe and slow drive back into the city.

Highway 1 Accident

Sadly others didn’t heed the road warnings. As we drove with our hazard lights blinking, others whizzed by.

A sudden drift of snow whited out the highway and with in seconds the plume of white was illuminated red.

White out on the Highway 1

As cars piled up in front of us, Sacha tapped the breaks and we started to slide.

Thanks to our slow speed, we slid straight forward and stopped a foot from the car in front of us.

Highway 1 accident Regina Moosejaw

As others behind us began to break; cars, trucks, and semis started to hit each other and the ditch all around us.

Highway 1 whiteout collision in ditch

During the next 30 minutes, drivers stumbled from their wrecks while others rescued a driver from under the jackknifed semi which was now blocking the highway.

Car crash

The next 4 hours was spent sitting and wondering…. What had happened and what was GOING to happen?

As the highway darkened, hundreds and hundreds of vehicles began to accumulate: we waited.

Highway 1 satelitte shot

Then the out: cars began turning around to re-route… moving forward was not an option.

Now, in the pitch black, we made our way back to the city on rural gravel roads driving 30km/hr.

What should have been a 45 minute drive had turned into a 8 hour scene from a scary movie.

Dozens and dozens of cars smashed in the ditch, people had lost their lives.

I lived in the snowy terrain for over 20 years and I never saw a sight like this.

Please slow down… Your life is worth it.

Mr. Fab ad weather

  1. We’ve had a lot of tragic accidents this year in sask due to the snow. It’s awful! and theres always people who drive like they think they are immune to horrible driving conditions! Glad you guys made it safe!

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