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My Fake Photo Graduation

January 8, 2013

With school back in session after a long Christmas break, I’m always so glad I get to dodge that experience.

Although I was never much of a scholar, I always wondered what a post secondary graduation would be like. But after my high school graduation, I never thought I’d don a cap and gown again… Until the phone rang!

Graduation VEER rights reserved

My agent had called and I was being booked for a graduation themed stock photo shoot!

Graduating Students

The great thing about education is that you’re never too old to keep learning. A friend of mines Dad can attest to that.

At 59 years old he went back to Berkeley to achieve his advanced Masters in Law, so when some of my co-models turned up with grey hair, it all made sense to me!

Graduating Students

That day my ‘secondary graduation’ day was more than I ever could have hoped for; no tests, teachers or homework!

Graduating Students Celebrating

If real school always consisted of free lunch and a pay check at the end, I’d be enrolling as a student for life!

I have officially earned my PHD in Fabulousness!

Mr. Fab uation

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