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Your Laughter Diet Plan

January 3, 2013

I’ve really been dragging my feat getting back to the gym since the the holidays and as such I’ve resorted to laughter as my personal trainer for the time being.

I’ve scowered the internet and stolen some ideas from my blogger friends in order to bring you the kick off to your 2013 tummy work out!

Crazy Criminals

Now I like a woman who takes care of buisness and this one OWNED her crime!

Funny Criminals“…and

“…and whatchu gunna do about it!”

Love her!


The Cinnamon Challenge

My blogger friend Jes posted this in her ‘best of virual videos’ post but I had never scene it before.

I have no idea what this ‘cinnamon challenge’ is all about or why in Gods name this women would dump a ladel of it down her throat, but I was crying with laughter while I watched it!

And lastly, the ones that had my entire family going all Christmas,


This serious of ridiculous photos all started with a girl who really loved her series of Goosebump books.


But what was to follow was the comical catch phrase attached to every awful photo!


I dream of the day that I say something stupid or do something crazy enough to become virual.

Until then, Ill jst add to what has already been started!

Here is my personal constructed contribution to the ERMERGERD series


Hope you’ve enjoyed your personal training session.

Bills in the mail!

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Looking forward to reading your comments!