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Fab’s Top 5 Highlights of 2012!

December 31, 2012

As 2012 comes to a close, I realize what an incredible year it has been: amazing parties, events, fashion, food and celebrity meetings… In my wildest dreams I never would’ve dreamt this all would happen to me.

I’ve decided to recap my Top 5 favourite memories of 2012 in no particular order.

#1 Playing Carnival Games with Paul Brandt

Not only is he a very talented artist, he is the nicest celebrity I have ever met!


When I was a kid I hated Country Music. My parents loved it, and I was subjected to endless car rides filled with it; I vowed that when I grew up I would never listen to it!

Enter Paul Brandt… the game changer. I am now a fan!

#2 Fab Collaborations (Jelly Modern & Crave Cupcakes)

It all started with my love for sweets and Canada’s newest and best doughnut company, Jelly Modern

Jelly Modern Calgary and Mr. Fab

An idea and an email led to the production of a doughnut which encompassed everything you’d find in my childhood lunchbox. Peanut Butter & Jelly with a crispy marshmallow treat; Mr. Fabs 80’s LunchBox was born.

But as an adult my tastes became more ‘grown-up’, so I contacted Crave Cupcakes and shared with them my delicious concept.

Crave Cupcake Calgary Mr. Fab

And after many hours in their test kitchen, Mr. Fabs ‘Get Up and Go’ hit the market!

This combination of a Chocolate Espresso Cake with a Coffee Bean Buttercream was a sell out each week during the month-long run!

#3 Paul Hardy’s Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Show

Sometimes you wonder how you’ve got so lucky to have been invited to such an exclusive event; and this was one of those times for me!

Paul Hardy Spring Summer 2013 Runway Show

With the majority of the guest list (including all of the models) being flown in, I was ecstatic to be a local invite.

The runway show and party which followed were breathtaking and not a single aspect of opulence was missed!

#4 A Truck from Ford

I drive a VW Beetle, so when Ford offered to ‘up my game’ so I would fit in better during the Calgary Stampede, I couldn’t say no!

Ford f150 Special edition Harly Davidson

Offering rides in my ‘gypsy cab’ to strangers stranded without a taxi in sight offered me the chance to share my good fortune with a whole new demographic!

The use of the special edition Harley Davidson F150 was a perfect fit into my fast paced and bizarre life!

#5 Dining with Tiffany & Co. (Breakfast & Lunch)

Whether the request comes via post mail or email, this is the one invite that gets me squealing!

Tiffany Breakfast at Tiffany & Co

Their invites, like their jewelry, are to die for… And they are the most gracious hosts I have ever met! They have a way of ensuring each invitee feels like they are the only one in the room.

The menu is always custom designed and details are never missed!


When I’m in their company, I imagine I’m rich & famous like Mariah Carey! (sans the talent)

This year has been more than I ever could have dreamt it would be an everyday I have felt luckier than the last.

I will never be able to thank the companies, PR Teams, and of course my readers enough for making it all happen!

I am excited to share a great 2013 with you!

Mr. Fab lucky 13


Looking forward to reading your comments!