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Top 5 with Fab on CTV Morning Live

December 28, 2012

Ever since I have been a child I have watched morning news and have dreamt of a moment where I’d be a part of the show and earlier this year I got a call the call my inner child had been waiting for!

A producer from CTV had contacted me asking me to come into studio to do test shoot. They wanted to see if I might fit into an entertainment segment they were looking to develop for their Morning Live show.

Me, getting to talk about all things news; from top entertainment stories to celebrity dish, I was excited to share my thoughts with their audience.

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It was the day prior to the pre-taping test and I was sent a list of topics I would be sharing my 2 sense on. I was excited to see what they had picked and as I excitedly scrolled through the topics, panic struck!

Turns out this wasn’t going to be a solo venture, I would be sharing the screen with a pair of their seasoned and admired hosts Aisling Tomei and Pearl Tsang.

The next day when I arrived to the studio I was giving the hot seat right between the two; I instantly started to sweat and became light headed.

Aisling Tomei, Pearl Tsang Ryan Massel Mr FabCTV Morning Live

But then the 2 hosts, who I’ve seen out at events many times before, started talking to me and within 3 seconds I was completely comfortable.

I felt like I was at a slumber party and these two were my new best friends!

The taping was complete and I was satisfied with how it went. So with the trial under my belt I head home and have patiently been awaiting my return .

And today I had my chance to go live!

Thanks to those of you who happen to catch it and have sent me such kind reviews! For those who didn’t get the chance to see me live, hopefully they’ll get a good response so I can head back in to studio for more nail painting and hair braiding with my new BFF’s

Mr. Fab TV morning live


Looking forward to reading your comments!