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Holiday Shopping Homestretch

December 19, 2012

With Christmas less than a week away, the shopping crunch is now on and I know the mall with the most heated underground parking has got my back!

Chinook Centre Ice Scuplture

With the Furby sold-out and the Tickle Me Elmo sooo 14 years ago, chances are you’re in for a for the hairy holiday eyeball next Tuesday morning.

But maybe a few little things that won’t break the bank can help fill the space under the tree, and cure the case of the ‘Christmas time wants’.

And my first picks, to help the ladies, come from a couple of Chinook Centre exclusive retailers.

Abercrombie & Fitch

This retailer has one of the hottest and most recognizable smells in retail.

Abercrombie & Fitch Store Interior Till

But if you’re like me with bad night vision, you’ll just have paw around in the dimly lit store until you hear a smash, then you’ll know you’ve found what you’re looking for!

Fierce (50ml – $58)

Fierce A&F

This mens fragrance is sure to bring the ladies in for a closer smell!

But what if you’re a mother and you’re not looking to have your son’s ‘lady friends’ treat your home like a ‘Bed & Breakfast’

Then follow your nose over to Hollister & Co

Hollister & Co Retail store Front

One of my favourite (and personally owned) scents is this sweeter, fresh, and beachy scent called SoCal (50ml – $50)

Hollister-SoCalIt reminds me of tanning lotion, coconuts, fresh breeze, sandy beaches and cocktails in an open air bar!

It screams “I’m fun, buy me another!”

Now guys, here’s a couple last-minute ideas for the girls on your list.

First stop Forever 21

Forever 21 retail outside Mall

This place has more sparkles than Elizabeth Taylor ever owned, and the best part is…they cost less than a Big Mac combo ($3.80-$7.80)

Rings from Forever 21

So pull out your pocket change and shower her in ‘jewels’!

And lastly, the gift idea for the husbands who just can’t win!

If you can’t figure her out, then just pull at her heart-strings; get her ‘precious cargo’ something adorable.

Zara Clothing Store Childrens section

Chinook exclusive ZARA has some of the cutest and most fashion forward clothing for kids and babies!

A cute outfit on the little one is a gift giving fashion distraction.

Zara Baby Clothinfg

But regardless of what you give or get this year, just remember, it’s the thought that counts… And as long as the intention was there, it’s pretty priceless!

I hope my guides this season have been helpful.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Mr. Fab oxes and bows


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