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Breasty the Snowman

December 18, 2012

Yesterday I poked fun at creepy mall Santa’s, and today it’s all about me creeping around a train station…

For years, Calgary has been waiting for our C-Train to connect the west end of our city into downtown, and finally the West LRT was up and running.

And what would a kick-off party be without Holiday Statues?!

And what would a collection of holiday statues be without a Snowman?!

Snowman Costume Face Makeup

But it’s not as simple as donning a large styrofoam head.

7:30am and it was time for some frosty makeup to be sprayed on my face; and with a glitter filled beard I was ready to try out the rest of the costume.

Frosty makeup photo shoot

Now for anyone who has ever had a costume constructed for them, you’ll know that a pre-fitting is key, but with my schedule so jam-packed, I had to forgo one and hope for the best.

That was my mistake.

Mentioning that I have an extremely long torso to the designer might have been a good idea because the top snow ball ended up fitting like a tube top, inevitably giving me snow boobies!

Snow Boobies Snowman costume

But as a 6’2 man standing high above, with my face far away from the crowd, most on-lookers thought I was a female inside the oversized costume anyway.

As the station flooded with people, and families with children hussled through the station, the end result was still a complete victory.


So it goes to show you… Even when you look like a white version of ‘Chet’ from my favorite 80’s movie Weird Science; joy, laughter, happiness and smiles can still be had during the holidays!

Chet Weird Science And Snowman look alike

Merry Christmas!

Mr. Fab ooby the snowman


Looking forward to reading your comments!