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Scary Mall Santas

December 17, 2012

If I could pull up a chair in front of Mall Santa’s throne every year, my Christmas would truly be complete!

Scary Mall Santa Funny Pics

Screaming children, horrified of Jolly Old Saint Nick could easily be turned into a seasonal reality television show!

Mall Santa gone wrong, Funny

And it’s not just children who have a reason to be weary of Mr. Clause

Dog photo with Santa Funny

A choke hold is enough to give anyone night terrors this December!

And then there are the ‘Criminal Santas’ that the mall didn’t have time to perform background checks on.

Creepy Criminal Santa Picture

With busy shoppers flooding the mall, sometimes paper work just takes too long and you just have to trust your gut instinct.

Mall Santa with Black Eye

Pink eye or black eye, the array of colors help brighten up the season!

But when all else fails and your face is just not camera ready there are always other options to explore.

Creepy Santa with Mask Mall Santa

A nice traumatizing mask to hide it all!

So next time you take your kids to visit the big man, make sure you throw down a drop cloth barrier, bring hand sanitizer and keep an eye on Santa’s “wandering eye”!

Creepy Santa Scaring Kids MAll

*Click Click*

Mr Fab kringle


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