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A Christmas Coma with Chinook Centre

December 12, 2012

Right after Christmas dinner has finished and I have eaten more than my fair share, all I want to do is lay around and hope to God my niece and nephew don’t come screaming into the living room and ask me to do anything too strenuous.

So this year I will be prepared with some great gift ideas from Chinook Centre that are going to keep the little dumplings calm after the big meal.

Not only is Chinook’s exclusive Urban Outfitters a great place to shop for great stocking stuffers and clothing ideas, they also have a wonderful selection of books.

Urban Outfitters Books Shopping, Great books

Imagine a book store where all the best options are on one table for you to choose. An array of  fashion, humor, fact and fiction… And my do-it-yourself pick:

Craft A Day (24.95)

Craft A Day Book

365 great crafty ideas to keep their little fingers busy while you lay in a bath tub full of cold water vowing you’ll never eat that much again!

But what if you don’t have all the supplies on hand?

Then head to the only Lego Store in Alberta!

Lego Store Chinook Centre

Growing up there was nothing more my mother loved than stepping on my Lego that was strewn around the house.

This year, with the exclusive modular building series ($199), containing 2000+ pieces….

Lego Pet Store…she’ll be spending her holidays dodging the colorful little land mines.

Now perhaps you didn’t majorly over-eat, and you’re still able to sit upright.

Then make sure you’ve picked up a new board game from The Discovery Hut.

Discovery Hut Chinook Centre

Spending quality time with my family playing games, and laughing is one of my favourite memories during the holidays… However, since I am a competitive Leo, I’m sure they’d beg to differ.

One of my favourite new games is Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis Board Game Review

And it’s a fair battle for parents and their older children.

The teams are out to guess as many notable names as they can based on the clues their partners give them. The names can vary from 1960 child stars to names in current pop culture.

It’s truly anyone’s win!

So whether you’re couch ridden or looking to laugh off a few pounds, one of these gifts is sure to be the right fit!

Make sure to spend some time and have fun with loved ones this Christmas!

Mr. Fab elly ache


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