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Gift Giving with H&M

December 7, 2012

Last night I came home to a Fed Ex delivery. The sender of the package was one of my favourite clothing retailers H&M, indeed Christmas had come early for Fab!

Fed Ex Gift in the Mail Mr. Fab

When I opened the package, what appeared? But a white and red box and 9 tiny reindeer!

Okay, their were no reindeer!

H&M Gift Giving 2012 Campaign

But the note inside wasn’t just addressed to me; it was to all the H&M fans!

From today until December 16th, H&M is looking to surprise people all over Canada with the same beautifully ribboned box as the one I received.

The gift boxes will contain everything from seasonal accessories to gift cards!

#HMGiftGiving twitter giveaway

All you have to do is follow @HMCanada on twitter or the hashtag #HMGiftGiving and every day they will tweet a clue to their ‘Gift Givers’ location, then all you have to do is show up and you will be rewarded!

I think this concept is so fun and I promise you I will be out tomorrow getting my next gift in Calgary!

So what was in the pressie they sent to me already?

Mr. Fab in pink toque

A perfectly soft pink toque!

How appropriate, do they know me or what!

So get on Twitter and start looking for the ‘Gift Giver’; your Christmas has come early this year!

Mr. Fab &M


Looking forward to reading your comments!