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Your Best Face with Skoah

December 6, 2012

With the seasonal dry weather wreaking havoc on my face, I’m always looking for the next best thing to soften up my skin and give me a youthful holiday glow.

… And with the cost of my skin care already sending me running to the bank to re-mortgage my home, I have to be price conscious when it comes to dropping even more money on my face by seeing professionals.

But my recent discovery will have me looking fresh for the next 12 months at a very affordable cost!

Skoah Spa and their Skin Gym Membership!

skoah spa calgary

Imagine if you will…

$550 (they can spread the payments over the year) for a personal trainer for your face!

Get cleaned, toned, exfoliated, treated and hydrated in under an hour.

The membership offers you a fit skin facial treatment once a month for the entire year!

You work hard, and if it’s starting to show, you’ll need to spoil yourself and get your skin looking like you live the life of the rich and famous!

Elevated view of a young man getting a facial

This would also be one MAJOR gift to receive (hint hint) and as the recipient is getting pampered every month, trust me, they’ll remember where this spectacular gift came from.

No Skoah in your city?

They also offer a nice collection of spa inspired products online that will whip your skin into shape.

skoah skin products

So pick out a few products and enjoy a reasonable spa day in the comfort of your own ‘second mortgaged’ home!

Pamper yourself, you deserve it!

Mr. Fab face


Looking forward to reading your comments!