Tasty Tuesdays, the Candy Cane Takeover!!

December 4, 2012

I remember when I was a child and everything tasted exactly like it was supposed to; Velveeta Cheese tasted like plastic and Candy Canes tasted like candy canes.
But now retailers have decided to camouflage everything they sell in a peppermint package to make sure you’ll still consume it during the holiday season!

The classic Oreo Cookie has taken their delicious white frosting middle, has striped it red, added crunchy sprinkles and flavoured it Peppermint.


Pepperidge Farm has taken the classic mint Milano and turned it into a candy cane mini Milano

Mint Peppermint Milano

Remember when you could only get M&Ms in peanut or milk chocolate well now ’tis the season for mint!

Mint M&Ms

Lindor Chocolate, Hershey Kisses and even ChapStick have all gone the way of the twirly candy cane this season

Lindor Chocolate, Candy Cane Kisses, Chapstick

But what has happened to the candy cane??

The good ol fashion peppermint flavoured stick that I would use to stir my hot chocolate on cold winter nights… Well they are no longer!

Sour Patch Candy Canes, GObstopper Candy Canes, Sweet Tarts, Jolly Ranchers

Sour Patch Kids, Gobstoppers, SweetTarts and even Jolly Ranchers have now been turned into the sweet hooked stick.

So much for keeping things traditional!

I suppose I’ll just have to learn to cope with these newbie flavours until someone comes to their senses and brings back the classics!

Mr Fab permint


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