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A Holiday Feast with Tiffany & Co.

November 23, 2012

Last month was a intimate and stunning breakfast at Tiffany & Co and now a LUNCH…

Pinch me, I feel as lucky as all the women and men who are about to receive the little blue box this Christmas!

The invite came in the mail, an old fashioned tool for sure, but with Tiffany turning 175 this year, I was glad it wasn’t via telegraph.

The invite was as stunning and fresh as the items they sell; with the attention to detail and embossed print, they didn’t miss a thing.

The Luncheon was held at Model Milk, a company who was just listed as one of Macleans top 50 restaurants in Canada and the #2 ‘Best New restaurant in Canada’, according to EnRoute.

A perfect setting for Tiffany to further impress me.

The menu: a custom designed 3 course menu with 2 options per course.

I decided to start with the Marinated Albacore Tuna

The base of Lemon Tapioca it sat on was so good, I scooped a bit into my pocket for later.

Then the Main, Crispy Duck Leg with herbed grits, corn & cotechino succotash.

A fine mix of cream and crispy, I ended up dropping a bit on the table and scooping it up when no one was looking!

And for desert?… Chocolate Pecan Pie with Buttermilk Ice cream.

Now if you know me you know that I am not usually a fan of the pie… But that certainly didn’t stop me from tossing the whole thing in my mouth like a tic tac!

And just went I thought the sweets had ended, out marched the little blue bags and in unison all the guests squealed.

What would a Tiffany & Co event be without them going over the top?!

Food and gifts aside, part of what makes their parties my favorite is our lovely host, Elizabeth. She is always there to welcome us and thank us for our contributions in writing. She never looks for praise herself, but I want her to know how thankful I am for her gracious sincerity!

Being invited to an event by Tiffany & Co is always so special.

Mr. Fab lue bag & box


Looking forward to reading your comments!