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Mr. Fab goes Bronze

November 22, 2012

I like my jobs like I like my life; random and interesting!

So when I was contacted last week by ‘The Event Network’, the best Living Statue Company in Canada, and offered a job… I was more than happy to take them up on their offer!

The opportunity was to become a bronzed cowboy statue for the night!

The job of standing frozen is more difficult than it sounds, but the most tedious part of the night would be completed before I would even arrive.

My entire outfit had to be painstakingly hand painted and contoured, and took the talents of numerous others hours to complete.

Then a few hours before my unveil to the guests, it was time for make up.

The very talented Amanda Tozser mixed the copper base and coated my face, ears, neck and hands using a makeup brush.

But what about my patina?

Out came the big guns for that; an airbrush machine fired up and in no time I was complete.

But I wasn’t alone; of course every good sheriff needs a deputy!

Then monents before the guests arrived at this very private affair, we were placed into the venue and for the next 2 hours struck a frozen pose while excited party goers posed with the bronzed Fab for photos.

I love unique and interesting jobs, this is another great one to add to the books!

You just never know where I’ll turn up next!

Mr Fab ronzed cowboy


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