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Guys Let It ALL Hang Out at Naked Espy!

November 19, 2012

If I were to start a list of the hottest annual events in Calgary… This event, which took place on Friday, would be at the top of the list.

The perfect fusion of charity, shopping, club, drinking and of course sexy half naked men!

Naked Espy deserves to be listed as #1!

The event, which is as much about raising money as it is about raising awarness for prostate cancer, once again saw guys line up outside of the store several hours in advance jockying to be in the top 100.

The first 100 guys in line willing to make a minimum $100 donation for the cause would receive $500 in free clothing.

Denim, t-shirts, button-ups, blazers and even outerwear were fitted on each of the 100 guys by the amazing styling team at ESPY.

This year, thanks to the help of Mr Wilson from the prostate cancer foundation, I was able to make a donation to be listed as a corporate sponsor.

And although I was able to skip the line this year, I decided I would drop my pants for a photo-op in support of the cause.

Afterall, when Espy pulls in huge sponsors like Bjorn Borg, you want people to see your wears!

And the event invites everyone to participate!

Happily, this year the event took a gentle turn (unlike prior years of making the men suffer in the cold) and sponsor Desigual hosted a pre-dressing party in the neighbouring furniture store, Limitless.

And the party wasn’t without appropriate ‘man champagne’.

Molson made an amazing donation of unlimited ALE !

Performances inside and food trucks lining the street outside, guest started to join the party and the night ended in another yearly success.

I have to admit this was the best charitable event I have ever been to.

Megan, the creative mind at Espy behind this annual men’s event, continues to offer selfless support raising awareness for the disease and brings our community together to celebrate!

Thanks for all you do!

What an amazing event!

Mr. Fab oxers or briefs

Looking forward to reading your comments!