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Chinook Kicks of Holiday with a HUGE Surprise

November 16, 2012

Last night Chinook Centre was the first to kick off, what I hope will be, a great season of festive parties.

The invite…

‘Join us on a secret winter wonderland tour. You’ll be whisked away in limos for a sneak peek of holiday magic in the making. Wear your Arctic finest, you’ll wanna be fashionably cozy’

As the limos pulled up the bubbles began to flow… This night was already a success in my books.

With great company and tinted windows I was distracted by the twists and turns which took us to our secret location. When the ride stopped we exited and were standing in the middle of the industrial district.

What was this place?

As we entered the building and were escorted to the back, the ‘holiday magic’ was staring us right in the face.

This was the birthplace for Chinook’s new centre court winter theme.

The Bears were being born!

A family of secretly designed bears which have been under construction for some time are expected to be moved into the new expansion’s center court for a public reveal next Friday.

But in true ‘Fab’ style, Chinook has let me sneak the peek to my readers ahead of time!

Of course the surprises weren’t over yet.

It was time to bundle up and head through the workshop and out the back to our own private winter wonderland.

The next two hours was a feast of delicious food and great conversation with a guest list of some of the most talented fashion writers.

And if the fur and outdoor heaters weren’t enough to keep us warm, a fully stocked ice bar with ‘adult’ hot chocolate and our tasty concoctions made sure to keep us toasty!

As the night of surprise and delight came to a close we were transported back to reality in our limos and left to head home for a good nights rest.

As I slept, visions of sugar plums and giant polar bears danced in my head!

It was an amazing party that has put me in the holiday mood!

Mr. Fab bear


Looking forward to reading your comments!