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Jem and the Holograms

November 15, 2012

Growing up, I lived for Saturday morning cartoons. 7am and I’d sneak downstairs before my family awoke so I could spend some time with my weekend friends.

My Little Ponies and Jem were two of my favourites.

The ponies where colourful and always out for an adventure; and Jem… Well she was truly truly outrageous!

Every Christmas I’d make a plea for the dolls until finally one wintery 25th morning I awoke to find a plastic pony piggy bank in my stocking. It wasn’t ‘Starlight’ and it didnt have a silky synthetic tail, but it would have to do!

Year after year I still longed for my very own Jem… Or at the very least one of the Misfits, but that day never came.

Now, thanks to Holt Renfrew and Hasbro, my day has finally come!

A limited edition set of the dolls has been created and will hit the luxury retailer Saturday November 17th at 9:30am

The 4 character dolls from the show; Classic JEM, her alter ego Jerrica Benton, magical holographic computer Synergy, and Rio Pacheco – JEM’s road manager and love interest – will hit the shelves that morning… But won’t be there for long.

With less than 1000 total dolls up for grabs in all of Canada, you’ll have to be quick if you want one.

And that’s where the hard part comes in.

Each customer will only be able to purchase 1 doll!

Alas, my dreams of seeing Jem and Rio finally marry in a homemade cardboard chapel during my next slumber party will never happen.

The dolls will be sold for $125 each and trust me if I could drop $600 to have all , I wouldn’t hesitate!

I have even considered commissioning 3 homeless dudes to secure all the dolls!

See you Saturday, elbows up!

Mr. Fab and the holograms

  1. OMG! I loved Jem! I had her and Rio in all of his purple hair 80s glory. My Jem had a switch on her back that made her earrings flash. If only I could justify $150 on a doll…

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