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Famous Fridays (RHOV Mary Zilba)

November 9, 2012

A few weeks ago I was a guest at a very high-profile event. With the majority of the guest list being flown in, I knew I was bound to meet some notable party goers.

But meeting Mary Zilba from The Real Housewives of Vancouver fame was not only the most unexpected, it was the most enjoyable!

Like a twin separated at birth we were reunited and hit it off right away.

Not having watched the Canadian version of the Housewives I was delighted to find that this cast member was not a troubled sociopath like some of her American counter parts.

The ‘nice one’, as referred to by a RHOV fan, was not only that, but more.

Beautifully stunning she also has a kind and playful personality.

When I suggested we take over the bar to mix our own martinis, she was as excited as me!

After numerous photos and great conversation, I decided to ask her one last question for my RHOV readers.

Are the rest of the Housewives really nasty or is it just selective editing?

“Everything you see is real! Seriously, what’s wrong with those girls, do they not see the 5 TV cameras swirling around them?!”

I guess you can never really hide your true colors!

And Mary Zilba, your’s are bright!

Mr. Fab housewife of Calgary


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