Designer Handbag? You Decide!

November 8, 2012

This Monday a friend of mine won his way into a radio contests giveaway.
The Kool 101.5 Kash and Carry contest.

The concept:

76 ‘designer’ handbags were up for grabs.

Each contestant would have the opportunity to pick a bag to keep, and 3 of them would contain $1,000 cash.

A great concept, but I’ve got some concerns.

Now here’s the thing, we need to clarify what the word ‘designer’ means because the ‘designer’ bag my friend walked away with sent me rolling on the floor in laughter.

I literally ROTFL!

At first glance this bag could be confused for a Kate Spade, this trademark clasp was developed by her several seasons ago.

Or perhaps it could designer Rebecca Minkoff, the gold chain strap is something she may have done.

But wait… It’s quilted, was this Chanel?

Sadly it was none of the above…

What designer was this?

Browns Shoes!

Never heard of this bag designer? That’s because Browns is a shoe store that sells designer shoes and their self branded, lower priced copies.

Apparently they have now moved into Handbags.

I have to say that to announce a contest and include Browns on the ‘designer’ platform is pretty misleading and insulting to actual handbag designers such as Tori Burch and Coach; companies that actually design bags, not just make copies.

But maybe I’m being un-fair, so I’ll take it to my readers.

Would you classify Browns Shoes as a handbag designer?


To me, calling  Browns Shoes a handbag ‘designer’ is like calling Old Navy a boutique that sells ‘haute couture’… a bit of a stretch!

Tisk Tisk Kool 101.5

Fashionistas just died a little inside!

Mr. Fab ag designer

  1. I’d love to sparkle this season! The sparkle ball studs are fabulous Mr. fabulous you should know!! My favorite piece of jewellery for Christmas especially is my Mums vintage stretchy red and white crystal bracelet that she gave me because as a little girl I always played with it in her jewellery box!!

    Good luck everyone :). Jennifer

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