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A Swimsuit, a Chawel and a Baby!?

October 31, 2012

With most new store openings come an opening party, and such was the case with the opening of Swimco’s new store on 17th ave in Calgary Ab

But this invite came with a challenge…

A Chawel off!

Seeing the photo of the Chawel was enough to sell me on the idea of being a competitor.

Never one to change in public, this over-size towel offers the privacy of a beach cabana change room; part lounge towel, part public decency shield!

I would win the competition… and what could go wrong!

The party was in full swing; cocktails were flowing and I was getting ready to take the Chawel trophy.

As I hid behind the curtain waiting for my named to be called to make my ‘Rocky’ style entrance, my backstage coach started to gear me up… and when my name was called, I whipped the curtain open and struck a pose…

Unfortunately the pose I struck was a fist into a pregnant woman’s face who was standing in front of the curtain!

Yes, I punched a mother into accidental labour… the crowd went silent and I couldn’t wait to toss the Chawel over my head.

The rest of the evening was a blur, even the part where I won the competition to my six-packed competitor.

I do, however, recall how the night concluded.

A wonderful fashion show featuring the amazing collection of brands Swimco carries.

Trust me, with all the different lines they carry, this company has something to make everybody feel beach confident!

And lucky for you, I left with more than a trophy that night!

Swimco has 3 swag bags for my readers!

As always, you’ll have two ways to enter;

#1 Tweet the Following

Even though @immrfabulous won the @TheChawel trophy, he’s still giving away the @Swimco prize RT to enter!


#2 Comment Below;

Tell me, “What’s your beach attire?”

Mine’s a tank and some shorty shorts!

3 winners will be chosen at random in 72 hours!

Thanks for the great prizes and the great night Swimco… and congratulations on your early delivery ‘mystery mommy’!

Mr. Fab co

  1. My beach attire involves a bikini, cute jean shorts and a comfy tank. Obviously sunnies and flip flops are included as well!

  2. since I don’t really have the muscles to wear a tank top,my attire is long board shorts with a light cotton shirt

  3. My beach attire is a fedora and bikini, and sunscreen! why cover up when I get maybe two months a year of wear weather 😉

  4. My beach attire is a swimsuit, tank top and skirt. The skirt is the most important because it is easy to change with it on – just like a chawel!

  5. I love a light long-sleeved shirt to wear over my swimsuit when lounging. Makes it easy to throw on some shorts and head on my way to the next party!

  6. Is that chawel a real product, because that’s the silliest thing I’ve seen in a long time.. and I’ve been reading this blog since day 1.
    My motto is, if you’re going to punch a lady in the face, make sure she’s pregnant.

  7. My favourite beach attire is a multicoloured one piece, big (bigger than big) floppy sunhat with a pair of Old Navy flip flops 🙂

  8. This contest is now closed.
    Congrats to the 4 winners.

    Tarah (Above)
    “After having two boys,my beach attire is a one piece swim suit with a cute wrap”

    and 3 winners via twitter

Looking forward to reading your comments!