The Best & Worst Halloween Costumes of 2012

October 29, 2012

With Halloween a few days away, most ‘adult’ activities took place over this past weekend and with that came some pretty un-original and bad costume ideas.

Here are the top 3 costumes you should not admit you wore this year.

1.  Zipper Face. Great, you saw an idea you liked last year and spent 35 cents on a zipper and some crusty latex.

2.   Anything Swan; black, white or even slutty swan, that costume was so last year.

3.  Alice in ‘are you even kidding me’ land! Really… Really? Red Queen, Tall Queen, Short Queen, Chubby Queen, Drag Queen… Get outta here!

For the most part this weekend was filled with intense disappointment and under whelming costumes, but thankfully there were 4 stand outs;  4 original and committed party goers that impressed me.

Caution (Wet Floor) Sign

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Gothic Architecture of Venice

These costumes where great but perhaps it was the sheer size of the costumes which had impressed me most.

But then there were these 2 much more manageable sized costumes… and they were the top 2 of the night!

Roy Lichtenstein Painting

One of my favorite pop artists, this couple nailed the make-up and clothing!

Bad 90’s School Photo

Complete with head-gear and backdrop, this costume was polished! I wish we had laser background at my school but all I had was the stupid library one!

Although only one of you, (Lichtenstein), won the prizes for best costume at the party that night, just know that you all deserved the award!

For the rest of you… I’d advise you start planning for next year now!

Mr. Fab oween


Looking forward to reading your comments!