Rock of Ages ROCKS!

October 25, 2012

This week I attended the opening night of one of the newest hit Broadway musicals to tour.

Rock of Ages

I have traveled all over Canada and the USA seeing Broadway shows and after the performance given by the touring cast, I have added the show into my top 3 favourite Broadway musicals.

The show is nothing like I have ever seen done before and it satisfied more than just a musical craving.

The production is as much sing-song as it is rock concert and comedy show.

Imagine a raunchy version of the Broadway musical Rent mixed with the crass humor of Joan Rivers; add a healthy dose of popular rock songs like ‘We Built This City’ and dancers wearing clothing so tight you can see all of the goods!

Ladies this is 100% the type of show that will get your husband hooked. It’s the bear trap of Broadway!

Never a huge fan of Rock, this show changed my ear’s attitude for good.

The entire cast was spectacular but there were a few major stand outs!

Justin Colombo who narrates in the role as Lonny and Matt Ban who plays the Bourbon Room owner Dennis were the 2 key players in the show who set the scenes and sold the story.

The comical timing of Justin Colombo was brilliant; he had the entire theatre eating out of the palm of his hand.

When the show was over I was so honored to have the chance to meet both of these remarkably talented individuals backstage in the green room!

And to my surprise they were not like their assumed Rock Star personas, they were polite and kind; if they lived here I would insist that we be friends!

Ladies, I’m telling you, this show is so good, that if you take your man, you’ll be getting ‘paid back’ 10 fold later!

And Men, if you want to get in the good books, take you’re lady… trust me, you’ll love every second!

I am looking forward to seeing this show a few more times!

Rock of Ages is currently playing in Calgary Ab at the Jubilee Auditorium October 23-28.

Mr. Fab of Ages


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