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Scones and Sparkles: Tiffany & Co Invites me to Breakfast.

October 24, 2012

When I awoke yesterday morning and sprung from bed I looked outside and what I saw was a moutain of fresh snow; but the only thing I had my mind on was ice!

Last year I was a guest at a special holiday cocktail reception and for the all year it has been on my mind, so when the invite came early last week to spend more time with the same host and enjoy a diamond encrusted ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, I wasn’t going to let a little snow get in my way.

The location was set; in store prior to business opening. A table for 12 perfectly made up with crisp white linens and delicate lilies with a spread of juices, scones, cheese and fruit.

But that was just the start, because what was served up next was delicous cream and berry filled crepes, perfect omelettes, creamy oatmeal and to top it all of… a plentiful helping of flawless Tiffany Diamonds!

But what was the occasion? This year Tiffany turned 175!

Their concept of providing the world with perfect diamonds sourced and mined under very strict guidlines has stayed the same, but their offerings have grown tremendously!

In celebration of the special bench mark, this year they have launched a world exculsive blend of Silver, Copper and 18K Gold beautifully named Rubedo

With a very similar tone to Rose Gold, this new line offers yet another level of accessibility to their fans. Products made in this ingenious material are priced well below their Rose Gold doppleganger.

But alas, it will still be the flawless diamond engagement ring which I will dream of at night.

And thanks to Tiffany I was able to try on as many as I liked.

As I frolicked in the diamond playground, I wondered if this was what it would feel like to be a millionaire… But as I turned the stickers, I was quite shocked to see so many pieces of finger candy available in my comfort zone.

The company has really found a way to include everyone and help make their deams come true!

As breakfast concluded, I was approched by our lovely host who was bearing a special blue bag… and it was not a doggie bag filled with crumpets!

2 gifts!

The first box contained the most stunning media kit I have ever seen! I silver engraved Tiffany & Co. USB stick with dazzling images fron the collection!

And the second gift?

A Surprise, and I’m giving it to you, my readers… Trust me, Tiffany would have invited you if they had a big enough table…

This holiday season will be full of great gift giveaways, including this one… Make sure to subscribe to my blog, or follow me on Twitter so I can shower you in gifts this winter!

On behalf of myself and my readers.

Thank-you Tiffany & Co

Mr. Fab & Co

  1. This year for our anniversary the Mr gave me a stunning Tiffany’s diamond tennis bracelet! There really is no feeling quite like the inner squeal of excitement you get at the first glimpse of that Tiffany Blue Box!

  2. You lucky duck!! So so awesome. I love Tiffany’s because it is beautiful, special, traditional, and even an investment. They treat their customers so well.
    Now that’s quite the treat for Halloween! Xo

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