The Secrets of the Creamery

October 23, 2012

Several months ago a reader contacted me, asking me what I knew about a local shop which had an ultra unique concept.

After all, when you call yourself Fab, you better be on top of all things amazing; but sadly I had never heard of this shop, and as such, I chalked it up to a readers day-dream.

But the low profile was exactly what this company wanted!

Like a silent team of ninja’s they have been quietly working, in an obscure Calgary location within Eau Claire Market, developing a unique product, exclusive brand and strong business model.

And I promise you, when they’re ready, they will take the world market by storm!

Welcome to the Creamery!

From outside, the shop is a mystery to passers-by; a high-end boutique containing rich wooden stools that pull up to a bar overlooking what appears to be a bakers kitchen.

You can tell this place is dripping in opulence… But what they’re cooking up inside is truly unique.

As I peered through the windows, bowls filled with some of the most fluffy and delicious whipped dessert called my name.

I pounced through the doors and headed straight for the bowls. I dipped my fingers in for a taste!

With my cream filled fingers an inch from my mouth I was warmly greeted by the chef named ‘V’ who had a rather disturbed look upon her face.

She was stunning, wrapped in a sleek and sexy dress , I quickly realized she was no ordinary chef and this was no ordinary ‘creamery‘.

The Creamery is as decadent as any bakery I have ever been to, but what they’re making is meant for the outside of your body, not the inside!

A line of body products, so rich and unique, the company has been working on the formulation for the last 12 years.

There is nothing in these products that they haven’t produced or specially sourced… and all of it is natural.

The team of cooks personally walked me through the entire custom product line and I was given the opportunity to scrub my worries away with their amazing Sugared Custard.

After I exfoliated 10 years away I was taken to the kitchen to blend a personalized cream.

After I chose a ‘Single Whipped Butter’ a custom blended cream that would suit my skins needs, I whipped it till it was fluffy and the time came to custom scent it.

Then panic set in… These products were hand crafted and of a higher quality than I have ever seen, Surely I wasn’t going to be able to afford this!

I immediately toyed with the idea of tossing myself onto the floor to fake a medical crisis, I imagined the ambulance would cost less than this product. But my dignity wouldn’t let me, so I trucked on.

Picking a coconut and plum blend I scented my cream; it was all ready to go.

Then Chef V scooped and sealed it into a beautiful glass apothecary jar. As she wrapped my delicate treasure I prepared myself for the worst: the total!

A steal at $30 for 12oz, or 21oz for $45.

With the look on my face she knew I was delighted with the price and before she could re-tally the bill, I fled the scene.

This is one heck of a secret that the Creamery is keeping from us!

So get your friends together and make a night of it.

You can even book a party of 6 or more and they will offer you and your guests a night of wine, chocolates and new concept ‘kitchen party’!

Trust me, when they decide it’s time to ‘take over’… you’ll be waiting in line for their products!

Mr. Fab ulicious

  1. We’re so happy you love our store and products Mr. Fabulous…it was delightful having you in our kitchen! Hope you will come visit all the Chefs again very soon 🙂

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