Tipsy Tuesday (Mystery Wines)

October 16, 2012

This past weekend at Rocky Mountain Food and Wine show I was introduced to one of the most interesting wine bottling concepts I have ever heard of.

Now this is not a winery… It’s the ‘Outlet Shopping’ of the wine scene.

The ingenious company of Cameron Hughes partners with high-end wineries that have an overstock on their vintage. With too much wine on hand and a lesser demand these companies sell their excess at a discounted price to them.

The catch? Cameron Hughes then packages the wine with their own labels indicating only a ‘lot #’ , signs a nondisclosure agreement and heavily discounts the wine for the consumer.

Yes that $150 bottle of wine you’ve purchased from an exclusive winery in the past might now be sitting on the self in a CH bottle for 1/3 the price.

I had a chance to meet the owner himself for which the bottles are named after and he proved to be just as hip and fresh as his ideas.

Living in California, the owner flew out to show us wine doesn’t have to be as pricey and pompous as people make it out to be…

Find what you like and relax!

Snoby swirlers would be aghast if they knew I was sipping their vintage in sweat pants.

Thanks Cameron for letting us have a taste from the finer side!

Mr. Fab Hughes


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