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This Little Piggy went to Calgary

October 15, 2012

This week I’ll be going hog-wild for pork during Passion for Pork week in Calgary. And last night I was invited to Downtown Food to get a sneak peek at some of the delicious items they’ll be cooking up!

Thanks to my mother, dry pork chops cooked in a frying pan was the only way I knew pork for much of my childhood; but now the face of the pig has changed.

No longer a main course, these House Cured Bacon Fritters with green apple rolled in cinnamon and sugar are an interesting way to finish off any meal!

But cooking with pork doesn’t just mean having the squeeler on the plate.

This Bacon Smoked Oyster was oinked out twice: first bacon smoked, then friend in pig fat to give it a nice crisp texture. A nice alternative way to enjoy the slimy critter.

If you’re not up for much adventure, sticking to a typical pork dish might be for you, and one of my favourite ways to eat pork is in a delicious dumpling!

I would much rather see my curly tailed friend wrapped in a wonton cloak than sizzling in a pan!

Now speaking of tails, if you’re really looking to step out of the box this week and try something new, then this Braised Pork Tail Cake with house made kimchi and Korean BBQ vinaigrette is for you

…Although I used to snack on pigs ears at my Grandfather’s house growing up, surprisingly eating Wilbur’s tail was just too much for me.

With so many great restaurants creating menus to support Passion for Pork week this is definitely the time to rediscover this delicious source of protein!

Get your snout on!

Mr. Fab oink


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