Not your average Garage

October 11, 2012

Opening my emails every day is like sitting around the Christmas Tree opening gifts; I can never be sure what is about to come my way.

Sometimes I squeal with excitement and other times I get something I’m unsure of.

This was the case with my latest invite to come for food and drinks at the newly renovated Garage Sports Bar in Eau Clair Market.

Now bow ties and martinis are right up my alley… But a pub with beer and pool tables? What would I think?

Not knowing my way around a pub, 5 minutes after I entered I was already off to a bad start.

It seems that the one table I chose to walk by had a special talent.
If you were to step on the base of it the top would fly up like the top of a foot pedalled garbage can.

As the pints of beer catapulted at me I tried to take cover, but sadly my moves were too slow to out maneuver the clever table.

And although I don’t typically drink beer, I was smelling like I did all night long!

Even though I was soaked in suds what I maintained my cool to check out the venue.

This pub is exactly the place I can see my brother and his friends hanging out at. And because it’s not nasty like Ducky’s Pub, I would most likely stop in for a drink.

And although I don’t have much to compare it too, but I will tell you the reasons I would go back.

  • It’s clean
  • They’ve got huge big screens… Yes bigger is better!

  • The beers are also big and the value is good
  • The bartenders are good-looking
  • The waitresses are the quickest, friendliest and most competent servers I’ve seen in a long time
  • If you like pool, they’ve got a million tables.

  • And if you like ping-pong, they have that too
  • Wednesday is half priced wing night

And lastly;

  • the patrons were pretty attractive and the guys didn’t seem like total douche bags… Yes I said it!

Ladies, you’ll like this place! (wink)

So if you’re looking for a place you can actually get a table, good pub fare and reasonably priced drinks, check out Garage in Eau Claire.

A non pretentious place you can just have a casual time with friends in.

Mr. Fab garage


Looking forward to reading your comments!