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Red Carpet 101 with Lainey Gossip

October 5, 2012

I love good celebrity gossip, but what I love more is a good celebrity picture.

Now let me clarify, when I say ‘good’ picture, what I really mean is a horrifying, humiliating, or absurd photo.

Yes, the 2010 red carpet ‘nip slip’ from Miss. Tara Reid is still my favorite photo of all time. She shows the world how not to handle yourself in public and taught PR teams to get a better handle on their celebrity!

But 2012 brought us another blunder, the photo that had the world talking this year was…

The ridiculous red carpet pose of Angelina Jolie!

Now when I’m looking to see celebs at their best, I make sure to check my ‘dish’ with Lainey Gossip. A great source, she’s the original ‘tell it like it is’ blogger of gossip.

So who better to have a ‘lesson in posing’ with than her?!

In the past, she has taught me the Victoria Beckham and the Olsen Twins. This time we decided it was best to re-live the disastrous pose from baby-mama Jolie.

Now this move is a lot harder than it looks. Practically dislocating your hip all the while making the perfect pouty face.

When my hip finally locked into this pose, I wondered if I would ever walk again. My knobby knees had turned out and would now be permanently bow-legged.

After the lesson, I hobbled away wondering if I had ever made these red carpet blunders.

With no doubt in my mind that I had, I have decided to burn all photos of myself and start fresh.

Now that I am professionally trained from one of the best commentators gossip has to offer, I promise I will never be one of her blind items!

I can’t wait till we meet again for more 1 on 1 training!

Mr. Fab gossip


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