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A Public and Private Affair with Nanette Lepore

September 28, 2012

Last week with too many events happening at the same time and only one of me to go around, I had to make some pretty tough decisions and cut an event from my agenda.

The meeting of fashion designer Nanette Lepore.

She would be making her first ever trip to Calgary and it was the only city in Canada she would be visiting.

A personal appearance and something a little more special for a handful of people.

A sit down lunch with the NYC based designer

The table was light and airy; flowers were set in one of this years hottest colour trends.

The luncheon also included a private fashion show with some of my favourite local models to bring the line’s garments to life.

After the exclusive engagement in a draped section of the store was complete, Nanette hit the floor to a crowd of her admiring fans.

As I was not able to be there, a fan of mine (and Nanette’s) offered to cover the public meet with her and was willing to share her story with my readers.

Take it away Tina;

Last Thursday, September 20th Nanette Lepore launched her new fall line with a personal appearance at Holt Renfrew.

The store was abuzz with eager customers checking out the fabulously colourful pieces all day. And after a private lunch, with 12 very lucky ladies, she showed up on the sales floor to meet and greet her fashion fans.

What did I think when I met her? She’s really is sweet; a down to earth woman with amazing taste… Her flair for fun shows in her clothes and personality.

As I was trying on some garments, I was in total shock when she showed up and began helping out in the dressing room!

I mean it’s one thing to meet a designer, but to have her help wardrobe you??

Crazy !!

It was so fun and clothes were flying everywhere. A line quickly formed and women were patiently waiting a turn to try on clothes with her present. She asked everyone “How’s it going, does anyone need any help?”

She offered suggestions on mixing and matching as well as accessories. During the whole event, she was gracious when people asked to have photos taken with her.

She happily smiled, laughed and posed as people snapped photos. She made each and every person there feel like she was their personal friend.

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out which events will be the truly unique experiences, and it looks like I missed a good one.

Thanks Tina for sharing your personal meet with the designer, she sounds like a real class act!

And thanks to Holt Renfrew for always sharing great fashion and brands with our city. Bringing in the actual designers is like the cherry on top!

Fingers crossed that one day you’ll bring in the style duo of Elizabeth and James for a personal appearance.

I would die and go to heaven!

Mr. Fab lepore


Looking forward to reading your comments!