A Delicious NEW Venture

September 27, 2012

Tuesday night, thanks to the gracious invite of SAIT’s new Culinary Campus, I broke my diet and feasted on some of the most delicious food prepared by the campus instructors, students, and guest chefs.

The Culinary Campus is more than just a school for learning, it’s also a kitchen open to the public.

Starting in October, the campus will begin to host some pretty interesting classes for the public to enjoy. Whether you just want to join in with a group of strangers and get a meal plan for the same night or host a fun night for you and your friends, the campus is going to offer it all.

And if last night was a preview of what was to come, I can tell you I’ll be signing myself and my friends up for a night of cooking, where not only will we eat like champs, we’ll hopefully walk away with some great new techniques!

Now if you have no intentions of ever stepping your foot into a kitchen, the Campus also offers a marketplace.

They offer an everchanging variety of pre made meals, deserts and even fresh bread daily! And the breads, which most cost a mere $4.00 a loaf, are delicious!

So if you’re looking to learn a skill, have a fun night out or buy something and lie that you made it, check out the SAIT Culinary Campus.

What a delicious evening!

I’ll be back…. Often!

Mr. Fab inary


Looking forward to reading your comments!