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CIFF Red Carpet Gala

September 24, 2012

Currently Calgary is a-buzz with the International Film Festival known as CIFF.

This week, theatres will be jam-packed with people, and some of the world’s best and newest flicks will be shown. And of course some of the greatest parties and carpeted events will be held!

To kick things off I was graciously invited once again to the Opening Night Red Carpet Gala which featured the premier of Midnight’s Children.

Now I’ve written about the Opening Gala of CIFF for numerous publications in the past and have even named it as the ‘must attend’ event of the year.

The event, which in previous years has been hosted at quaint theatres, allowed all patrons to strut their stuff down the carpet.

The small venue made the festival an intimate affair and allowed regular folk, like me, to feel like a star!

Well times have changed.

This year’s opener was set within the massive Jubilee Auditorium;
the Red Carpet so hidden away from the public that the only chance you had to strut your stuff was on the way to the washroom.

I realize and appreciate that with growth things had to change, but a venue with no popcorn?! I almost had a stroke.

This year’s film was shot in India and as such the gala party after was complete with colorful saris, gulab jamun, and golden ‘HUMAN’  statues.

Delicious local fair was spread throughout the lobby and the guests mingled as a DJ played.

Then as the clock struck midnight the food was whisked away and the music abruptly stopped. It was pumpkin hour and it was made clear that it was time to go.

CIFF will be hosting a few more carpeted events before it’s conclusion on sept 30th, located at theatres with after parties at smaller venues. With smaller crowds I’m certain we will all finally get our chance to display our tail feathers and shovel our faces full of popcorn.

Walk, Walk, Pose!

Mr & Miss. Fab carpet


Looking forward to reading your comments!