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Inside the Calgary Flames Dressing Room

September 20, 2012

I was going to share this story with the world when hockey season started, then it dawned on me….I don’t watch hockey. And I have no idea when it starts; perhaps I missed it.

So without further adeux, here is a story of going where no media has ever gone before,

The Calgary Flames Dressing Room!

Now if you’re a huge hockey fan you’re probably flabbergasted and angry, wondering who let me in or how this happened…

Well I’ve been sworn to secrecy and I can’t tell you, so get over it.

First off, what I expected to see was not going to be pretty, but when the doors swung open I was already proven wrong!

Dark cherry wood walls, photos, and sexy lighting illuminated the entrance hallway. Like being welcomed into a 5 star hotel, I liked what I saw.

With the glamour of the entrance and the success and fame of the Calgary Flames, I imaged there would be golden chandeliers dripping with crystals in the locker room.
But once again I was wrong.

Minimal and understated, like a renovation using exclusively IKEA furnishings; the locker room was modest and simple.

In the center of the room on the freshly laid carpet was the teams logo just in case they forgot who they were.

This is a private place where strategy is spoken and wins were celebrated.

Suddenly my guilt of being in a place I shouldn’t took over and I decided to cut the snooping short.

No trip to the shower room for Fab, I had already seen more than I should have.

I’ll never be a fan of hockey but when a team can rile up a city like the Flames do, well, I can be a fan of that!

Mr. Fab room


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