Tasty Tuesday (Coconut Water)

September 18, 2012

Over the last few months one of the newer food fads has been thrown in my face.

From marketing to specialty signature cocktails at events, Coconut Water seems to be everywhere.

Until recently I didn’t think much of trying it, but then I saw Chocolate Coconut Water…

I had to have it!

In my mind coconut water was going to taste like a delicious sugary coconut macaroon

The taste of shredded toasted coconut like you’d see on a coconut cream pie!

So when I picked the bottle out of the refrigerator section at the Walgreen’s I couldn’t even wait to get it to the check out before cracking the top off and swigging back half the bottle!


The taste of sewer water mixed with fermenting bitter hay bails hit my palate.
I tried to spit it back into the bottle but it was too late, the sour liquid had already started to make its way down my throat!

This was obviously not the deliciously sweet coconut frappuccino treat I had expected it would be.

So for those of you have been seeing all the buzz and have Coconut Water on your radar… Save yourselves the experience!

Mr. Fab onut water

  1. That’s cause you picked the WORST kind! Try Monkey Bay coconut, no chocolate, no raspberry twist, plain old coconut water…that will change your opinion! I’m So sorry you tried the worst one first!!!

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