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Fab Reviews Ballet

September 14, 2012

Let me make it perfectly clear, I have zero expertise on the subject of Ballet.

But I feel this makes me the most qualified reviewer.

As the majority of the population have never seen a live Ballet, I can give it to you like it is… in layman terms.

Last night I was invited the season launch: ‘Great Masterpiece of the 20th Century’ for the Alberta Ballet.

My very first Ballet and I had no idea what I was to expect… or did I?

The night was to include 3 separate pieces; all very different, all very interesting!

As the first ballet started it was just as I expected. Tutus, waistcoats and pink satin slippers; tight buns and big smiles pranced across the stage and I quickly realized I was way overweight and way under talented.

After 45 minutes, the performance concluded and I was invited for a cocktail reception in the Dance Circle: $1000+ donors enjoying food and cocktails mingling with special guests.

The lights flickered and we were heading back for round two.

The next Ballet titled The Four Temperaments was by far my favorite of the three.

Quirky, silly and lighthearted with all the dancers dressed in black leotard channeling Robert Palmer circa ‘Simply Irresistable’

The entire piece reminded me of something I might see Kirsten Wiig put together for an SNL skit.

It was amazing and I could have sat through a full 2 hours of it.

Another intermission/desert/cocktail and we were yet again heading back, this time for round three.

As the curtains lifted I immediatly thought “This is what the costumes would look like if Alcatraz had a dance troupe.”

As the dance began I could only describe it as a mix between a Circus and a Salvador Dali

Excited confusion!

This Ballet was the Harlem Globetrotter of dance.. I saw things I never thought I would see in a Ballet!

Basically this was the perfect Ballet for someone like me who was just starting out.

A sampler of Ballet which has spanned the century!

So if you are hesitant like I was, and ‘not sure’; tickets can be purchased for as low as $29, so pick one up and see what you think for yourself!

Good luck on all you do AB, your dancers are very talented!

Mr. Fab allet

  1. I do hope you did get a good teaser and that you shall happily return again to see many different ballets. There should be variation for every taste. (And yes a ballet dancer should be very versatile.)

  2. Mr. Fab… great review… loved it. Was there last night as well. I’m on the Ballet board and am really stoked about how often this group of dancers blows people away – from first timers to long time fans…. thanks for coming and taking the time to write about it – it is appreciated more than you know!! Jim G

  3. This was also my first ballet in Calgary (you’ll always remember your first time) and it exceeded my expectation. The Four Temperaments was also my fave set! Whoever said Calgary lacks art and culture should check out the fabulous events at the Jubilee.

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