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Ride of my Life!

September 13, 2012

Last week I was offered a pretty cool invite to ‘Escape’ with Ford for a day of exciting activities!

I knew the basics when I accepted the invite, but they had a few more surprises up their sleeve!

The day started with a delicious lunch and a meet and greet with some of the marketing team, at which time all the guests we were handed a key fob to a brand new 2013 Ford Escape.

These would be our loaner rides for the day’s adventure!

First stop was an interactive tent where we were shown the amazing Park Assist feature that parallel parks your vehicle for you. Trust me, this is the most bizarre and amazing feature I have ever seen. Quite frankly I find it quite unbelievable.

Some more drinks and sugary foods to get us hyped up and we were off to Canada Olympic Park to Bobsled with professional instructors.

Now here’s the thing; I always thought that I might make it as an Olympic Bobsledder… but after rattling down the course on a high-speed joy ride full of twists and turns, reality (and motion sickness) set me straight!

Next stop, Zip Lining from the highest point in Calgary.

As I plummeted down the hill, faster than the speed of light, I second guessed my decision to accept the invite to this event.

And this wasn’t even the ‘pièce de résistance’… that was up next!

The Test Track

Ford actually designed a test track in order to demonstrate the handling capabilities of the Escape. With stunt drivers on had to show us how to maneuver the course.

And then the best part came.

We were set free to take the most terrifying rides of our lives, by ourselves!

This was basically the most amazing and horrifying experience I have ever had behind the wheel.

After the great day of adventure activities we were all invited to enjoy a great dinner and some well deserved cocktails before taking a cab home that night.

I am totally impressed with the thoughtfulness that Ford put into the day of fun for myself and my guest.

Thanks for such a wonderful day!

Mr. Fab escape


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