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Starbucks Petites (Exclusives)

September 11, 2012

It’s my annual diet month… Uggghhhh! And as such, I am trying to cut back on my sugar this time around.

It’s not a surprise that I love my sweets and processed food; I am the guy that buys those Hostess ‘Snowballs’ in the gas station… Yes, the ones you always end up saying “Who buys these?”

Well now you know my dirty little secret.

So this month if I need to splurge, I’m going to have to splurge smart.

I usually hit my weakest moment when I’m standing in the Starbucks line: thank goodness for their ‘Petites’ menu…

Little sweet deliciousness-es all coming in at under 200 calories!

But let’s not kid ourselves, one is definitely not enough for me… I could toss ‘all of the above’ down the hatch and wouldn’t even bat an eye!

But here’s the thing…

When I was in Japan Starbucks several months ago I was treated to a whole different variety of Petites…

An exclusive line of ‘Cake Pops’.

The sad part is, because I don’t speak Japanese, I have no idea what I was even eating! But none the less, they were delicious.

So this month as I work the flub away I will be left to enjoy the Canadian versions of these tiny treats… (sparingly)!

Mr. Fab under 200

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