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Tasty Tuesday (Gummy Flavoured Vodka)

September 4, 2012

I had a moment back in 1997 where I ended up drinking a little too much Cranberry Flavoured Vodka. To make it worse, I knew I was fading quickly and tried to escape my neighbours house party and save myself the embarrassment…

That night I ended up sleeping in a snow bank on their front lawn.

Ever since that horrible event I have been unable to drink anything that tastes like cranberry without shuddering!

But with so many flavoured vodkas hitting the market every year, I don’t ever need to worry that I wont have a back up.

Recently on vacation for my birthday I found my newest mistake.

Pinnacle Gummy flavored Vodka

This company is the real deal! I have enjoyed numerous flavours of their vodkas and they always taste just like advertised.

This vodka was like eating a Costco sized bag of ‘Swedish Berries’ without the calories or the cavities.

Pinnacle’s flavours are delicious and taste great just mixed with soda water.

Sadly, finding the full line of options is nearly impossible in Canada, and always twice the price as the US. But with a product so good, price is no object.

Now I’ll just have to be patient and wait for a retailer in Canada to start selling the Gummy one.

Until then I’ll stick to their ‘Whipped Cream’ flavour mixed with diet orange pop!

Mr. Fab odka


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