Famous Fridays

Famous Fridays (Khloe Kardashian)

August 31, 2012

Late last week in Las Vegas as I stumbled through the Mirage to get to my room, I saw something that gave me quite the fright.

Much like the Kardashian family this glossy sign seemed to appear out of thin air, and it was obnoxious.

Khloe, in less then 12 hours, was going to make a personal appearance in the hotel!

The next afternoon when I awoke I splashed water in my face and gave myself a pep talk, I was about to do something I wasn’t very proud of…

I was headed down stairs for a viewing!

As I rounded the corner, I was shocked to see a large crowd pressed against some glass windows. My first thought was I must have taken a wrong turn and ended up at an animal exhibit. Based on the crowd, it must have been feeding time! As I approached the glass to get a closer look at the wild animal, I was horrified when I saw what was awaiting me:

Then, I looked up and realized that this wasn’t an animal enclosure, it was Kardashian Khaos  – the celebutant family’s store which hawks out branded merchandise to delusional teens who wish they too might one day become ‘famous’ for doing nothing!

Not only is this ‘overly painted’ celebrity famous, she’s also wealthy… But how?

By charging Vegas goers $160 per person to meet her, take a photo and be gifted a branded soup thermos with her face on it.

Now last time I entered the pen at the zoo I paid $10 and got to feed eucalyptus to this little guy;

But to meet the ‘Khole’ you’d need a blank cheque and a loaded pizza!

Not a chance, I’d rather dine alone!

Hopefully one day my sibling will have sex with B-List celebrity so I can ride their coat tails into fame!

Mr. Fab $160 please


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