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Tasty Tuesday (Tokyo Disney)

August 28, 2012

I’m not a huge fan of rollercoasters or spiney rides, I can likely thank one of my friends for that.

As I began to black out on the Tea-cups I can recall the cackling laugh of my ride partner, Angie. She was twirling the center wheel of the tea-cup so violently that it landed me unconcious; my joy of rides was gone for good.

But that hasn’t stopped me from loving a theme park.

I have replaced my insatiable craving for thrill rides with my new hunger for the unique food.

Giant turkey legs so slathered in BBQ sauce that not even any restaurant with any common sense would serve.

But what’s new and what can’t I find at my local deli?

A trip earlier this year to Tokyo Disney delighted me with a handful of deliciously themed products.

But looking cute doesn’t always mean tasting great.

And thus was the case with Mickey’s chicken burger.

Now the bun was not really a bun, I’m even wondering if it could legally be called food. Fluffy and chewy it was like snacking on a rubbery foam insert from an ‘Obus form’ pillow. And as for the ‘chicken’ I felt like they mistakenly deep-fried a spatula and tried to pass it off as edible.

But really, what did I expect!?

For lunch I moved on to a genetically modified egg and thought that might be a better idea.

Tampering with science…. Mmmmm tasty!

Obviously not my one of my finest moments but at least this time I was conscious!

In the future I’ll be sticking to ‘Those Little Donuts’ and Pogo Sticks!

Mr. Fab musment

  1. You know I love me some ‘hidden Mickeys’ but that egg frightens me. It also looks undercooked, salmonella anyone?

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