Fabulous Calgary

August 24, 2012

I have had some majorly good fortune to been able to have travel all over Canada and the place I call home is Calgary. A city that I moved to 10 years ago and continue to fall in love with more and more everyday!

Every city has thier perks and I continually find that Calgary keeps adding more of them to the list.

I’ve participated in so many of our festivals and events. Eating and celebrating our city everyday has really given me solid recommendations to share with others.

Recently I was asked to write a ‘Calgarys insiders guide’ for the travel website Cheapflights
To offer my insight to visitors looking sharing the best our city has to offer.

But before you look at MY answers, try to think of what YOU would have recommended. Do we have some of the same great places in common?

I’d love to know what you would have listed, so leave me a comment below!

Here are the questions:

  1. Five great places to grab a drink.
  2. Five great resturants that only locals would know.
  3. Five great outdoor adventure activities.
  4. Five great winter activities.
  5. Five must-see sights

Now click here to see what I had to say!

I can’t wait to welcome new visitors to our city, I know you’ll love it!

Mr. Fab sider

  1. Note: none of these are in any particular order…

    For a drink:
    1. Fairmont Palliser Lounge on Friday night for light music and its atmosphere
    2. TYN Lounge-The Yellow Nectarine
    3. The Keg-Stadium Place (in the lounge downstairs by the fire pit on a snowy eve)
    4. Ship and Anchor Pub on 17th in the summer
    5. Wild Rose Brewery at Currie Barracks

    Great restaurants only locals know about:
    1. Infusion in Bragg Creek- for grilled Caesar salad.
    2. The Bear’s Den off Crowchild in Bear’s Paw
    3. The Keg at Stadium Place (but eat downstairs by the fire in the lounge)
    4. Dairy Lane-Kensington for breakfast
    5. NoTable in Bowness for anything wood fired!

    Great outdoor activities:
    1. Calgary Zoo at any time of year! and zoo lights at Christmas
    2. Picnic by a lake in K-Country
    3. Run/walk/cycle by the river on any of the pathways
    4. Calgary Olympic Park
    5. Hike in the Rockies

    Great Winter activities:
    1. Ice-skate in Bowness Park
    2. Snow picnic in Bragg Creek Picnic site
    3. Bundle up and walk your dog down by the damn near the soccer center in Bowness
    4. Snowshoe in K-Country
    5. Ski Sunshine

    5 must see sights:
    1. The view of the Rockies from the Calgary Tower
    2. Calgary Stampede
    3. Lake Louise
    4. The Calgary Farmer’s Market
    5. Bragg Creek

    Hope you enjoy!

Looking forward to reading your comments!