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Tasty Tuesday (Dry Soda)

August 14, 2012

Wandering the streets of Seattle on a warm summer’s day I was in desperate need of something to quench my thirst. Then out of the blue, like a mirage in the desert, I stumbled upon this;

DRY, and no this wasn’t a place that only sold napkins, towels, and wicking underwear… In fact it was quite the opposite.

As I entered the rather misplaced ‘experience center’ located in a less than welcoming part of downtown, a plethora of very interesting and very unique sodas were displayed before me to taste.

I was faced with seven varieties, and all the information I needed was right there in bold font. Flavour and calorie count staring me right in the face, it was easy to make a quick informed decision of what I’d be sucking back first!

After all the sampling was complete a winner was crowned! Dry Cucumber Soda. The taste so fresh and crisp, I wished I could’ve jumped into a tub of it!

Now I’m not sure where I can get this product in Canada and I sent the company a message begging for a case, but sadly no response.

Perhaps this was a figment of my imagination, a cool delicious mind trick in the middle of the summer heat!

I wish I would have brought along a Sherpa that day!

Mr. Fab soda


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