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Famous Fridays (School with Lainey Gossip)

August 10, 2012

By now I’m sure everybody in the world has heard of and read Lainey Gossip. The most successful Canadian Blogger, first to dish the dirt on the world of celebrity.

And last week I was invited to a ‘sharpen my pencil’ and partake in the ‘Faculty of Celebrity Studies’ with Lainey as the Dean!

3 hours of hen squabble over the hottest headlines;

Kristen Stewart and her cheating ways, was she now being ‘slut-shamed’?

And my favourite topic;

Katie Holmes: hero mother who rescued her child and broke free from Tom’s evil clutches!

OR was it:

Katie Holmes: baby pimp!? Willing to whore out Suri’s image to make her look like ‘Mother of the year’?

We dove deep into the headline and tried to break down the story. Was it always as straight forward as what we read!?

For behind a headline there is always a truth, but were we being lead down the right path?


CAUGHT: Mr.Fab and Lainey Gossip canoodling curbside. Is she in it for the power and glory?!

Believe the ‘TRUTH’ that is written? Or was it just a tagline created to sell gossip?

Lainey was in fine form that night and the class enjoyed 3 hours of conversation, food, cocktails and endless supply of Vitamin Water Zero

Interesting fact: Did you know Lainey writes all the text that appears on the labels of Vitamin Water Zero!?

Ending the night, Lainey shared some of the biggest secrets in Hollywood with us… ‘Blind Items’ that she writes about on her site but NEVER includes names.

I’ve been sworn to secrecy, and although I can’t legally divulge any of them (there may have been a contract), I can tell you that there are more dirty little secrets in the fame game that the tabloids don’t even know about!

Lainey knows her stuff and does a great job presenting gossip as a legitimate discipline.  When class finished I walked away with a new perspective of the world tabliod-ey gossip and an official diploma in the school of Celebrity Studies!

Thanks Lainey for being such a great teacher!

I can’t wait to see you again!

Mr. Fab liod magazine

  1. Did you have to write in something special to be invited? Did I miss something? I was so hoping to go but sadly did not get an invitation…despite emailing in as soon as it was posted…:(

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