Canadian Big Brother Casting OPEN!

August 1, 2012

There is a secret you don’t know about Fab… I am made for Reality TV!

Unbelievably I been cast 3 times for different shows and I have also helped others get cast as well. All because I walk the fine line between sane and insane; it’s exactly what they’re looking for!

Now with the news of Big Brother filming in Canada, I want to make sure to help YOU show those producers you’ve got the right stuff.

Big Brothers online submission open today! All you need to do is fill out the application and submit a short video of yourself in action.

They’ve noted that the video is ‘optional’, but trust me, there is no chance at all that you will be contacted for an in person interview without one… Unless you’re famous!

Now here’s where I come in… If you have any questions about the application or need some advice on what to say, or how to wash over the fact that you’re crazy, just send me an email and I’ll do my best to coach you.

As for  the video… Don’t waste too much time on fancy editing, the casting directors just want to see you on tape. They want to see if you look good on camera and that you’re interesting or lovable to watch.

I’ve also watched hours of audition tapes so I’ve seen it all. Be creative and up beat, but most importantly, BE YOU!

Now if you think you’re more WOW in person, they will also have 5 in-person castings around Canada in Halifax, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver.

Personally I think the online application is the way to go, no point in waiting in a huge line in order to sell your wares… if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be!

The applications close October 16th and all successful applicants will be notified by December 20th.

If the application follows the same direction of the other Reality Shows I have been cast on, you most likely will go through numerous interviews after being short listed and possibly medical and psychological testing.

You will be put on a wicked roller coaster ride before you ever make it into the house… and once you’re there, trust me, you will be one of those people who will end up crying while people watch you saying “Why do they always cry?!”

So good luck, let me know if I can be any help!

I can’t wait to see one of my readers on TV!

Click HERE to go to the application!

Mr. Fab reality

  1. Mr. Fab. I know you were a star on Drifters the Water Wars but what are the other two reality shows that have benefitted from HRF? (His Royal Fabulousness).

  2. I was trying to shot a big brother canada auditions video for over 3 hours today, nothing I tape was any good, ever take I found my self being too bording or just total insane in some of them, I was improv them with only a few point of what to talk about. this is the first reality show I am audition for but hopefully not the last

  3. im curious to know if you get picked you are put somewhere before the show starts to ‘train’ at all?
    I have applied for last season and sent my video for this season already

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