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Tasty Tuesday (Deep Fried Wagon Wheels)

July 31, 2012

Every year with anticipation I await the Calgary Stampede, but more importantly I await the BEST of the WORST foods!

Yes, all things deep fried!

And because I have a weak spot for the sweets, I immediately try to suss out the newest and most delicious deep-fried sugary concoction.

This year, I introduce to you the 3rd place award winner in the ‘New Food’ category and the only ‘sweet’ to place.

The Deep Fried Wagon Wheel

And because this year marked the 100 anniversary of the stampede, there was no better way to celebrate than with food that spells out ‘100’

Of course just walking up and ordering was not close enough to the action for me, I needed to get up close and personal in the ‘Wagon

The concept was simple, toss a wafer for the ‘1’  and a couple of wheels for the ‘0’ into some specially formulated batter, roll them around and then transfer them to a bubble bath of hot oil.

A few minutes on each side until they where golden brown and then transferred onto a styro for stencilled powdered sugar decorating!

Now as easy as it sounds to come up with a deep-fry idea, the owners/creators of this delight assured me it was more ‘trail and error’ than I could’ve ever imagined.

Suzanne and Perry told me how they thought DF cookie dough would be a good idea, but after the bath of oil and a bite into the crisp ball, hot liquified dough would pour down your face causing more than a delicious memory…

But somehow this Wagon Wheel was the perfect combo of melted chocolate and marshmallow, with the inner cookie holding its form.

Not only was this the most delicious DF sweet I have ever eaten, the 3 items were more than for me to share! Sadly, unless you visit the Stampede or the PNE in Vancouver, you wont run in to this deep fry duo; they are a small family business that aim to keep it that way, working these events as a hobby.

I can wait to eat their deep fried wagon wheels again next year…

Maybe they’ll even be back with something new!

Mr. Fab wheel


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