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Famous Fridays (Carly Rae Jepsen)

July 27, 2012

With so many country artists hitting the stage this year at the Calgary Stampede it was nice to know I could always get my pop music fix over at the CocaCola Stage on the grounds.

Who ever books these artists has great in-sight into which ‘up and coming stars’ will make it big, and this years line up hit the lotto with one of them.

Carly Rae Jepsen

The crowd this year for her performance was the biggest I have ever seen. They piled in so deep that unless you had binoculars, hearing the music was the only part of the show you’d be getting.

So how was I going to get close?

Well sometimes in life it’s about being in the right place at the right time and asking the right questions… because this perk could have been anyone’s.

On the grounds the of the Calgary Stampede they have a pop-up media hub. A place to go when you’re in need of Wi-Fi or to charge your mobiles. This tent in the midst of all the action is open for public use.

On my way to the Garth Brooks concert a strange feeling urged me to stop by.

I popped into the tent and wildly blurted out… “So how can you help me meet the C-Jep?”

The two girls looked at each other and then back at me and replied “Today’s your lucky day!”

Next thing I knew I was in posession of 2 meet and greet passes for Carly Rae Jepsen.

With the opportunity happening in 30 minutes and no one to go with, I quickly Tweeted, “First person to tweet me back that wants to meet CRJ gets to be my date”

30 seconds later I had a tweet back and me and a new friend were heading back stage to meet her.

8 people in total got the chance to meet her that night and I decided to wait till last.

Her wranglers instructed, “One photo, no autographs… we have to make this quick!” But I was certain if I waited till last I’d get a little more one on one with the star.

As my turn arrived I jumped around the corner and yelled “Surprise”… the instantly excited mini musical talent started to clap her hands…

I ran over and we started jumping up and down in circles.. both of us weren’t sure why we were so excited.

As I jumped she would jump. We tried to time it to have both of us in the air at once, but overly excited, our timing was totally off.

So then we figure a ‘Vogue-Off’ might be a better option. I had already broken the ‘one photo’ rule and we were on an unstoppable role!

Sweat dripping down my face from all the active excitement I decided it was time to end the shoot and let the little dumpling get on stage to the masses.

Sadly one last quick iPhone reversie shot and I was back out in the crowds, swimming to find a good spot to watch her performance from.

It was an amazing opportunity to meet the teen idol and see that she is still young, fun and vibrant!

Fame hasn’t snapped this one up yet!

Mr. Fab me maybe

Looking forward to reading your comments!