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Ford Pimps My Ride!

July 26, 2012

This year’s Stampede came with some pretty surprising and unexpected perks, but when the offer came in to “pimp my ride“, I was truly shocked!

The Ford F150 Harley Davidson Special Edition, a truck that was completely ‘tricked’ out, to get me to and from some of the hottest events during the week… How could I say no?

Finally, an upgrade from my regular rides of a VW Beetle and a SMART car that I’m used to driving… two cars that could literally fit into the box of this truck!

But during Stampede, bigger is better, and hitting the streets I was able to see over all the other trucks on the road. I felt safe… and studly!

There were also numerous fabulous features on this truck, Two of my favorites;

The retractable running boards that would emerge when I would unlock the door. It was like having your own personal assistant throwing down a step stool to help you mount this beast.

And the best feature that took care of cooling my ‘business’ during the 35 degree heat wave that hit that week…

Cooling Seats

At first use, the feeling was so uniquely odd, I wasn’t sure if I had wet myself. But trust me, this feature keeps you the opposite of moist! Cool and fresh, no ‘swass’ for any of my arrivals!

I had a great time driving this around the city and even took the time to ‘pay it forward’ and picked up a few stampeders trying to hail a taxi and gave them a complimentary ride home in my Ford Gypsy Cab!

Thanks Ford for pimping my ride, you turned this city boy into a real urban cowboy for the week!

Mr. Fab 150

Looking forward to reading your comments!