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What to Wear Wednesday (Belt Buckles)

July 25, 2012

Hands down the best part of Stampede is when the boys dig into the far depths of their closets and pull out their annual giddy-up belt buckles!

And this year the urban cowboys were out in full force.

So I rounded up my girls to drag in the bait… And we came up with some doozies.

Package after Package

Buckle after Buckle the girls ‘milkshakes’ kept bringin the boys to the yard and each time I was more satisfied than the last.

Then Texas walked in… and you know what they say about that state:

“Everything is bigger in Texas”

And this state needed a ‘longhorn’ to tame!

My girls did not disappoint

Then it got me to thinking…

What did YOU think?

Which one of these buckles would suit your fancy?

So don’t be shy, take the poll below and tell me which one of these buckles you’d like to see lying on your floor.

So next year when you see me and my girls out, get ready to smile for the camera!

Mr. Fab uckle


Looking forward to reading your comments!