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Tasty Tuesdays (‘those little DONUTS’)

July 24, 2012

Every year when the fair would roll through my home town, two things were inevitable.

1. I would somehow become separated from my family; a lost child wandering the grounds frightened that I would be scooped up by the Carnies!


2. I would be ending the night with a warm and fresh bag of ‘those little DONUTS’!

After years of deliciously sweet memories it was time to don the ball cap and step into their world to make my own.

As I watched those little donuts swim through the maze of hot oil bobbing up and down, my mouth watered! I was ready to pluck them from their bath and eat them raw!

As they came flying down the chute it was time to toss them into the heavenly cinnamon sugar and give them a coat of the good stuff, so thick, they wouldn’t even resemble donuts when I was done with them!

I considered for a moment of skipping the bagging process and just tossing them directly into the crowd that had formed directly in front of me. They had become impatient awaiting my meticulous master craftsmanship.

The best part of ‘those little Donuts’ is the price has never changed; 2 bags for $5 and worth every penny!

The payment for all my hard work that night… a giant bag of donuts… also known that night as ‘a tummy full of happy memories!’

Thanks for the good times, you have always been something I’ve look forward to!

Mr. Fab for $5

  1. Flashback to the summer of ’91- when I worked at one of their booths to earn money for my teenage summer plans. I served (and ate) A LOT of donuts. Even after 10 days surrounded by dough and grease, I never got sick of them. I still love the little darlins to this day! Thanks for the trip down memory lane (and now I’m hungry!)

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